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Past Talks

Teaching Your Child How to Think: Une Approche Plurilingue de la Lecture et de l'Apprentissage en Profondeur

Aidez Votre Enfant à Apprendre à Penser: A Plurilingual Approach to Reading and In-Depth Learning

On February 19th, 2022, Dr. Sunny Man Chu Lau, and her colleague Geneviève Brisson  offered a workshop for parents who are interested in supporting their children’s second language learning at home (recording available below). The workshop also featured the official announcement of Dr. Lau’s appointment as an SSHRC-CRSH Tier 2 #CanadaResearchChair in Plurilingual Teaching and Learning, by the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau and Geneviève Hébert - Deputy of Saint-Francois. 

Translanguaging and plurilingual pedagogies: Cross-curricular and cross-language teacher collaborations for critical literacy and intercultural education

On November 24, 2021, Dr. Lau gave a talk at Bristol University as part of the Conversations in Education research seminar series.

TESOL and language teaching and learning as critical sociolinguistic inquiry and embodied practice

In a 2021 talk, Drs. Angel Lin, Saskia Van Viegen, and Sunny Lau discuss a renewed vision of TESL through plurilingual/translanguaging perspectives for the Translanguaging & Trans-Semiotizing Research Group.

Translanguaging pedagogy - Becoming critical linguistic ethnographers with our students

In a 2019 talk, Drs. Angel Lin, Saskia Van Viegen, and Sunny Lau hold a conversation surrounding translanguaging pedagogy with two of their students.

Affordances of Plurilingual Pedagogy in Second Language Classrooms

In a 2018 talk, Dr. Sunny Lau discusses the multifarious advantages of employing plurilingual pedagogies in second language classrooms.

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