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Language Register for Professional and Academic Purposes

Unit Description:

In this unit, students will learn about the use of register in language for different social purposes. Through making links with French and other home languages, they will also learn how to use an appropriate register for academic/professional purposes. Students will write a mock email to an English university to ask for information about a program of choice in a formal and professional manner.


  • Develop students’ awareness of language registers and the situated purpose of writing.

  • Develop students’ ability in choosing vocabulary, expressions, and sentence structures to write in a formal register.

Key Language Elements:

Lesson 1: Vocabulary strategies – cognates; registers of language

Lesson 2: Writing for a specific academic/professional purpose with a reader in mind

To Cite:

Centre for Integrated Plurilingual Teaching and Learning. (2022). Teacher-language register for professional and academic purposes-lesson plan. Retrieved [Month Date, Year], from [URL].

Lesson Plan

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