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My National Hero

Unit Description:

In this unit, students will learn more and write about a national hero from their own culture and their classmates’. Through class sharing, they will gain a critical awareness and appreciation of the similarities and differences among cultures. Students will also expand their vocabulary using the target language, as well as develop their listening, writing, and speaking strategies through several tasks.


  • Read/view texts regarding the origins, meaning and celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Write about a festival that celebrates a national hero in students’ home country.

  • Familiarize students with the text type and features in writing about a national event/figure (origins, meaning, and practices).

Key Language Elements:

Lesson 1: Vocabulary strategies – prefixes, suffixes; root words; cognates; listening strategies; gender-neutral pronouns.

Lesson 2 & 3: Use of the past and present tense; writing strategies; descriptive paragraphs.

Lesson 4 & 5: Writing strategies; descriptive paragraphs.

Lesson 6: Giving constructive peer feedback; speaking strategies.

Lesson 7: Oral presentation; giving constructive peer feedback; speaking and listening strategies.

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Centre for Integrated Plurilingual Teaching and Learning. (2022). Teacher–national hero–unit plan. Retrieved [Month Date, Year], from [URL].  

Lesson Plan

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