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Lonely in Canada

Unit Description:

In this three-lesson series, students will read about the challenges faced by people who experience dislocation and migration. The lessons aim to foster a sense of compassion for people who are in the process of integrating into mainstream society. Students will also learn and practice comprehension and multilingual vocabulary learning strategies and write two well-constructed paragraphs on the topic. 


  • Promote vocabulary knowledge and skills: use of cognates and guessing meaning from context. 

  • Promote students’ use of predicting, inferencing, and connecting in reading. 

  • Promote use of transferable comprehension and vocabulary strategies. 

Key Language Elements:

Lesson 1: Students complete pre-reading tasks to activate their prior knowledge and to make inferences and predictions about the topic using all textual and visual information available to them, e.g., illustrations, headings, subheadings, etc.   

Lesson 2: Students read the article "Lonely in Canada? Find support before you fall into isolation" to locate information and to discuss their opinions on challenges and coping strategies used by immigrants. 

Lesson 3: Students write two well-constructed paragraphs (each with a clear topic sentence) on the challenges faced by people who experience dislocation and propose coping strategies to deal with those difficulties. 

To Cite:

Centre for Integrated Plurilingual Teaching and Learning. (2022). Teacher-lonely in Canada-lesson plan. Retrieved [Month Date, Year], from [URL].

Lesson Plan

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